Asylum & Human Rights

Brar & Co Solicitors are experts in the areas of asylum law and applications under the European Convention of Human Rights. Our dedicated team will provide you with advice and support to give your case the best possible chance of success.

Asylum is protection given by a country to someone who is fleeing persecution in their own country. If you have claimed asylum in the UK then it is essential that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible as the UK Border Agency attempt to make a decision regarding your application within 30 days, and this does not give you much time to present your case.

If the UK Border Agency accept that you will face persecution on return to your home country then you will be granted Refugee Status. If the UK Border Agency believes that you do not qualify for Refugee Status, but that your human rights will be breached if you are removed from the UK, then you may be granted Humanitarian Protection. If the UK Border Agency believe that you should be allowed to remain in the UK for any other reason then you will be granted Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Asylum Process

After you have claimed asylum you will attend a screening interview with a UK Border Agency caseowner. You will then be provided with a date for a substantive asylum interview, in which you will be asked numerous questions regarding your application. The UK Border Agency will then make a decision regarding the claim, and either grant you some form of leave to remain or they will refuse the application. If the application is refused you will be given a right of appeal. Once you have exhausted all appeal rights the UK Border Agency will expect you to leave the country and they make take action to forcibly remove you.

If you have exhausted all appeal rights and you then receive evidence in support of your claim you can make a fresh claim for asylum. You should obtain legal advice from one of our team regarding the application procedure.

Please note that the asylum process is extremely complex and we advise you to arrange a meeting with one of our team as soon as possible if you have made an application for asylum in the UK, or if you are hoping to make a fresh claim.

Once you have leave to remain in the UK

Brar & Co can assist in applications to bring your family to the UK once you have been granted leave to remain. We can make applications for family reunion and other entry clearance applications in order to reunite you with loved ones.

Our firm also offer expert advice and assistance in making applications for British nationality. Should you require any advice then please do not hesitate to contact our immigration team.

Brar & Co’s immigration team can provide advice regarding any immigration application so please do not hesitate to contact us further regarding any immigration matter.